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tv   CNN News Central  CNN  February 21, 2024 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> thanks again for looking out for me. badiyah. well, somebody's but just in carriers. but perhaps half the price >> i'm katie bo lillis in washington. and this is cnn >> now on cnn news central, the president's brother appearing before house republicans who are pushing to impeach president didn't joe biden. it's as an impeachment informant says he was fed information by the russians and is accused of quote, actively pedaling new lies that could impact us elections plus a ballerina with dual us received russia's citizenship is detained in russia for donating
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to ukraine. >> us now >> telling americans to get out immediately. >> what we're >> learning about the arrest and the effort to bring her home, and whatever ecuador's most notorious gang leaders lived, quote, like a king behind bars. >> then >> he escapes. we're taking a closer look at his lavish lifestyle and the violence that came after he broke out. a boris sanchez alongside jessica dean in the nation's capital. we're following these major developing stories and many more all coming in right here to cnn news central republicans are not backing down after explosive new charges and signs of russian disinformation threatened to derail their impeachment inquiry into president biden one of the key informants that house republicans were relying on for allegations of a biden bribery scheme was not only charged with lying to the fbi, now he admits that he got information
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from russian intelligence officials, information that the doj now says was false gop lawmakers vowing to keep the probe going. that's exactly what they're doing right now. grilling the president's brother, james so far, james biden has vehemently denied the gop's claims about joe biden's involvement in his business ventures. cnn's manu raja was getting a lot of reaction off the hill. manu, i know you're talking to a lot of republicans today what are they telling you? >> yeah, a lot of them are defiant and saying that their investigation will continue to proceed even as this fbi in foreman has been charged with lying to the fbi about this biden bribery scheme to have been central to this investigation. in fact, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, jim jordan, had said that there is one of those credible people this is of information that they had over this investigation. he said that recently. so today i put the question to him about this indictment, about the charges against alexander smirnoff and the fact that he told the fbi, according to filings that
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russian intelligence was behind this disinformation. but jordan contended that this probe is even broader you said the 1023 is the most corroborating piece of information you outbreaks, but it doesn't, this doesn't change those fundamental facts. so now it's not true. well, so okay. so the fbi told us that this source was selling 14 years. this source was a paid source by the fbi, but to promotion so a bribery scheme was false? >> not at all. we're we're looking at the four facts i just gave you. those facts are true. >> what evidence do you have a bribery scheme now? >> we've got lots of was prosecuted for five years and i don't have trust in our criminal justice system, in our system of justice. generally so you're seeing some republicans distanced themselves from this informant. others saying that they cannot trust the justice department and some simply saying that there's much more information like jim jordan who says that they've facts that they have gathered so far are
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enough in his view to a bribery scheme, even as we have seen, the after so matt of these doj or j. charges against that fba informant here. but the question ultimately is, where does this impeachment probe go? james biden behind closed doors today, hunter biden, the president's son behind closed doors next week, and then the decision will be made. will they actually move forward with votes to impeach joe biden? what evidence do they have? and can they get? events skeptical republicans to go along with this effort? that is a big question in the days ahead. >> what are you learning about the james biden interviews so far, what has come out of that? >> well we've seen his opening statement which said that he contended that his brother had never had any direct or indirect involvement in his business activities. and it also been some questions about a loan repayments, some loans that the president gave to his brother and the repayment of that some republicans had question about that. he
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contended was simply because he was underwater at the time and needed some funds and his brother paid him that. allow lent him that money. so the question is, does that resolve any of the concerns republicans have? we've now heard from many republicans in the aftermath of this testimony is expected to go for do the course of the day to day, but were democrats are coming out like jamie raskin saying, there's nothing to see here. >> mana raju live for us on capitol hill. amount of thanks so much. we have cnn chief legal correspondent paula reid with us now. paula, a lot of moving parts storing untangle the, the information aspect of it, the falsehoods that this informant was spreading. and what doj is now saying about this were stunning new details. so he got last night this came from special counsel, david weiss. he's the one who is brought to criminal cases against hunter biden and he is also now seeing this case against alexander smirnoff. now, he was an fbi informant for about ten years but last week, the justice department charged him with lying to investigators when he said that hunter biden and joe biden accepted $5 in bribes. they're
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now saying that was a false statement. you subsequently arrested. and while he was in custody, boris, according to this new filing, he told investigators that some of the information you should he had about hunter biden came from russian intelligence officials. so that raises the possibility of an effort by the russians to put disinformation into the us political system, something we've seen before. now that would be a bombshell, but i also want to caveat that in this filing you've prosecutors say they have not independently verified i his claims and this is a guy who clearly has a problem with the truth. all of this came out because the prosecutors were trying to convince the judge to keep him behind bars. they said, look, this is a guy who lies about how much money he has since he has a few grand. in fact, he has about $6 lies about the bidens. this is someone with extensive international foreign contacts. we don't think he should be released. but the judge didn't buy it. the judge said the politics here don't matter and called the russian connection, quote, speculative. so he was released.
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>> it's really fascinating also this may have implications for those charges that you mentioned were brought against hunter biden, right? his legal team filed something regarding this informant. >> yeah. so he filed that right before we learned about the possible russia connection and they said, look, this guy has quote, infected this case and what they mean by that as they say, his claims, this is a lot of what the gop has based their impeachment inquiry and the relentless attacks on hunter biden on, they say that has created enormous political pressure that they believe david weiss sort of succumb to when he let the plea deal collapsed and then filed these two separate cases. so they have a lot of questions for the fbi and also for congress. >> paula reid, thanks so much for walking us through that. jessica the white house is warning americans in russia to quote leave right now. that is after russian authorities arrested a woman from california for treason, after she allegedly donated to a ukrainian charity, the woman's employers that she's a dual u.s. russia citizen who was visiting family when she was
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arrested. state department says, it is aware of her detention and that the us has not been granted consular access to her because russia does not recognize dual citizenship. cnn senior international correspondent fred pleitgen is following the story. fred, what more are you learning about? why she was detained? >> hi there, jessica. yeah. we are learning that her name is zae-in yet karolina. and what we have learned from us sources, but also from russian sources as well as that apparently she entered russia on february the second and the us learned of her detention on february 8th. now, apparently, all this happened in the town of you that's a rain bird which is about, say, about a two-and-a-half hour flight east of moscow. and that's also where she's supposed to go on trial, actually, in the next coming days, the trial was supposed to happen today, but it's apparently now been pushed back to february 29 while she remains in custody. and as you've already mentioned so far, there's no chance to get any consular services because the russians don't recognize dual citizenship. now
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i've read some of the sources from the russians that came out about all of this. and they say that she donated to a ukrainian organization that provided as the russians called a tactical medicine. whatever that is. and then also that this group was also purchasing weapons for the ukrainians. and that's specifically she had also made pro ukrainian comments in the past couple of years since the past year-and-a-half, since this war has been going on, the spot that you worked at in beverly hills. they also put out a statement as well and they said that she donated as they put it, 51 two ukrainian charity, and that she was visiting her grandmother and yet cut a rebirth, who is 90 years old. so the russians are seeing this as treason and are obviously going to try and bring these charges, which could bring a massive jail sentence with them again, right now, unclear what sort sort of aid the us embassy in moscow is
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going to be able to provide a to this a us citizen, but certainly a very dire situation, especially of course, right now as things are even more charged up, as than usual in russia, guys. >> unbelievable. all right, fred pleitgen, thanks so much for that reporting. boris all of this is happening as russia continues to make small gains in the east after taking a key town in ukraine, but its forces seem to be >> meeting fierce resistance in the south. let's discuss with cnn military analyst, retired lieutenant general mark hertling. general hertling. great to see you. thanks for being with us or the white house, put out a warning in light of this arrest of a dual u.s. russian citizen in russia, asking any americans in russia to immediately leave. how significant is the risk for americans who may still be there? >> it's highly significant, boris, i think anyone who was considering going to russia right now would be a fool to go. and even some of the tourist places like st. petersburg moscow, the places
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where you would consider that tourists would be welcomed and relatively safe. but given the kinds of actions they've kept conducted against members of the press, against average citizens, against anyone who is doing something that russia doesn't approve of to be trone in jail for a long prison sentences. it's just it's just it's a huge warning to stay away. i visited russia several times during my career, there was always crn about what you were doing, what people were listening to, how you were being perceived. so i would just reinforce what the state department is saying, stay out of russia right now >> focusing on what's >> happening on the >> battlefield. nsc spokesperson john kirby recently blamed congressional inaction for ukraine in a retreating from avdiivka in the east. do you think that insufficient resources were solely to blame there?
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>> they were absolutely a big part of it. now it wasn't the only reason boris there had been the back-and-forth between russian and ukrainian forces over the last several months. but when you take a look at the tactical situation on the ground, russia is attempting to put ukraine on the defensive everywhere. and they have the artillery free and the missiles to do that as ukrainian arms continue to wear thin, they are in dire situations. there supply lines have been disrupted over the last several months because of inaction. and it is now reached an inflection point, a critical time. ukraine is going to have to re-establish their defensive lines they're going to have to withdraw from where they've been defending over the last several months. and unfortunately, it's all due to lack of action and continued support primarily by the us. >> if these are the short-term consequences of aid getting log-jammed in congress. i wonder what you calculate the long-term consequences would be
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yeah, i'll just reinforce the short-term ones. boris, first of all, the short-terms are increased death of ukrainian soldiers and citizens. in fact, it is a situation right now where it is life and death, depending on what arms ukrainian soldiers can get, it it's the increased destruction of ukrainian infrastructure. it's continued holding of ukrainian citizens and children as hostages in russia. they just released several more a few days ago. but there are literally thousands of hostages that russia has taken in the long term. it's emboldening putin and the russian leaders. inaction has given putin a second when it's allowing him to achieve his pre-war strategic objectives regarding the division of nato and the united states, as well as the attempts to subjugate ukraine in the long term. >> it's increasing dangerous to other countries in europe. i've talked to many of my former colleagues in european armies. they are very concerned, especially in
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several specific countries like poland, romania, the baltics >> they're >> concerned about what russia might do next. and it's also the final thing as a long-term, the potential of the us being pulled into future conflicts all while are standing on the world stage continues to deteriorate because of the lack of inaction of the republican congress shake now lieutenant general mark hertling. appreciate your perspective. thanks for being with us >> thank you, boris. >> of course. >> still had jury selection is now underway for the armorer charged in a shooting death on the set of the film rust. what we're learning about, who could be called testify. plus president biden is traveling in california today asking for millions of dollars in campaign cash. and he's joking with donors about his age will tell you what he said and breathing easier because of evs, how electric cars could make kids healthier. next the lead lead
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she's the movie set armorer accused of loading a live bullet into a prop gun fired by alec baldwin during rehearsals of the film, rust that accidental shooting killed the cinematographer and wounded the director prosecutors claim gutierrez reed was reckless, heavily drinking and smoking pot on the job and even passing off a bag of cocaine. after the deadly shooting. she has pleaded not guilty. cnn security correspondent josh campbell is following this trial from los angeles and josh today marks the start of what prosecutors are calling justice for the woman who was killed in all of this. where do things stand right now? >> yeah jessica and all along, prosecutors have made that known time and again, someone died as a result of this incident. no one is disputing that this was an accident, but prosecutors believed that those who are responsible should be held accountable. we know that alec baldwin has been recharged, but today's trial, today's hearing all about hannah gutierrez reed. she will was the armorer on the set, the
11:21 am
person who was responsible for the safe handling and storage of weapons and ammunition and authorities have charged her with involuntary manslaughter essentially claiming negligence on her part. there's the separate charge in addition, and that is evidence tampering authorities say, as you mentioned at the top, that they believe that she handed off a bag of cocaine to another person after being interviewed by police. the reason why that is important is because so much of the government's case seems to point towards her sobriety on the day of that shooting. authority said in a filing that she was likely hung over whenever she inserted a live bullet into a gun that was then used by an act after witnesses that also alleged that she had been using marijuana throughout the filming of that film. and of course, on a movie said, if there's anyone that you would want to be lucid, it would be the person who is responsible for the safe handling a firearm. so this is what this case is all about. now, at the start, when these charges first came out, i spoke exclusively with the district attorney and asked why now why this
11:22 am
negligence charge. she explained what their investigation found. have a listen >> that there was such a lack of safety and safety standards on that set that there were live rounds on set. they were mixed in with regular dummy rounds. nobody was checking those or at least they weren't checking them consistently. and then they somehow got loaded into a gun, handed off to alec baldwin >> now gutierrez-reed has pleaded not guilty to these charges. or attorney says that she is being scapegoated. i think one thing that we will be watching for as this trial proceeds, as we've heard from her attorney saying, look, she wasn't just the arm she was also responsible for a host of other duties on the set, including handling props. you know, i've talked a lot of people in hollywood that are in this industry. they say it's unheard of that you would have someone who's focused on the weapon also saddled with other responsibilities that will likely be a key line of defense as this moves forward, jessica all right, more to come on. this, josh campbell, thanks so much for >> that updated reporting. and let's discuss this all now with legal analysts and trial
11:23 am
attorney, mercedes collin. mercedes, it is great to have you here with us. thanks so much for joining us. >> first. just walk us through the challenges in the jury selection because obviously this is a very high profile case. this has been an extensively covered case. the media has covered this case extensively. what are the challenges is they select this jury >> so great to be on the show with you. just get thanks so much for having me and you are spot on. it is extraordinarily difficult when you're talking about a high-profile case like this with a very high-profile well, case individual in the sidelines. obviously not gutierrez reed, but alec baldwin's defense is looking very closely at this case well, there isn't going to be a person unless they live in a cave who doesn't know about the rust production, the rust movie, the rust killing of ms hutchinson, all of alec baldwin been involved in the killing of ms hutchins, whether he's found criminally liable or not. that's for a jury to decide.
11:24 am
that's going to be the key issue for the defense. in fact, the defense had already made whispers of this and made motions about looking at whether or not ms gutierrez reed could even have a fair trial? in this proceeding in this venue. so they've already looked at obviously, the jury pool, knowing how difficult is going to be to actually pick a jury. >> and we know also the la times is reporting that the judge in this case has said that they will allow these text messages from hannah gutierrez reed allegedly indicated eating the night before that deadly shooting. she was using drugs. how significant is that and how strong do you think the prosecutors cases here? >> well, josh said exactly right. because when you look at the armor, they have to be in the right presence of mind and they're loading, they're supposed to loaded with these dummy blanks inch of the prop gun and if already the safety
11:25 am
concerns were so extreme that just a few hours before ms hutchinson died 14 crew members walked off the production because they felt unsafe. in the midst of this chaos, the one person who is responsible for that prop gun is now not even putting in dummies. and that's going to be the big allegation. so she's doing drugs and drinking the night before. she's in this altered state she's trying to recover from a hangover and she's handling a gun right before the gun is handed to alec baldwin. that's key. that's why the defense tried desperately to make sure to suppress that evidence. they did not want and the use of drugs, the use of alcohol, and before that jury, for that exactly reason, you combat that. alec baldwin, who was a co-producer responsible for a lot of people safety there, who has a still to be determined trial date on this coming up, we'll be watching this very closely. mercedes, colin, thank you very much for your expertise. >> we appreciate it. >> president biden is set to
11:26 am
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free at foucault tv >> i'm arlette saenz at the white house. and this is cnn >> the next hour, president biden will speak from culver city, just outside los angeles. he is in california to give what's expected to be a multimillion more pitch to campaign in donors at several events. sources saying is west coast tour should raise as much as 10 million. the president not only working on the money, he also has his message. he released a video online condemning his likely republican challenger donald
11:31 am
trump over his failure to blame vladimir putin for alexey navalny's death the former president trump, and other republicans refused to hold putin accountable for his death. instead, trump said navalny's death made him realize how bad america's, you said and i quote, we are a nation in decline a fairly nation end of quote why does trump always blame america? putin is responsible for navalny's death? why can't trump just say that? >> cnn's kevin liptak is in culver city following the president and kevin and kevin president biden is also pushing this anti-trump message away from the cameras to donors in these private events as well? >> yeah, that's exactly right. and you know, it is rare to see foreign policy at the center of a presidential election. and it is notable to see how president biden is seizing on this moment to go after the former president trump for failing to condemn the death of alexey
11:32 am
navalny and really trying to use the bully pulpit to drive that message home, calling trump's comments about nato dangerous, saying that they could encourage bad behavior on the part of moscow and really calling out trump by name from the white house in the roosevelt room in that video, but also behind closed doors to donors. and certainly the president will want to center that message over the next nine months, make them at the centerpiece of his argument to voters. and of course that will take a lot of money and that's why he is out here in california on this three day fundraising swing, he will attend to events later today in the bay area, the president and his team really wanting to maintain that cash advantage that they have over republicans and uncertain certainly yesterday we saw the biden team announced they had $130 million cash on hand. that's the most for any democratic candidate at this point in the election cycle. and it really does tell you that for all of the hand-wringing over the president's age, over the state of his campaign, which has been the backdrop for the last
11:33 am
several weeks, that donor class very much remains hi and president biden, and it was interesting in a fundraiser here in los angeles last night, the president did make reference to his age. he told the donors, i know i'm only 40 years old times to the math, isn't quite right there. president biden is 81 and the president went on to say, the only thing i do know is that i may not run as fast as i used to. i have been around long enough to know what's going hang on so certainly leaning into that argument, that age equals experience, jessica. >> yeah, we'll presidential math. there kevin, we see the canceling student debt signs behind you. i have a feeling that might come up in the next hour when he gets to where you are yeah. >> and this will be a big announcement for president biden canceling student loan debt has been a priority of his since he took office. his goal for sweeping debt cancellation was stymied by the supreme court. and what you've seen is the white house, try and look for these plan bs these other options for doing that. and what hill announced today? it's cancellation of $1.2 billion in student loan debt.
11:34 am
that's going to a little more than 150,000 borrowers democrats are really encouraging president biden to lean in on this. a part of his records certainly for young voters, voters of color, and it will be interesting those borrowers who are seeing someone if their loans forgiven will receive an email directly from president biden taking credit for this step. so you do see him really trying to lean into his record on this front, even as he remains sort of held up by the supreme court, blocking his overall sweeping efforts. jessica all right. >> kevin liptak with the president and culver city, california. thanks so much. boris. >> let's discuss some of these issues and more with democratic congressman robert garcia of california is a member of the house oversight and homeland security committees. congressman. thank you so much for sharing part of your afternoon with us. i want to step back to the top story that we lead the our with russia. yet again, looming large over a us presidential election. not only because of the death of alexey navalny, the war in
11:35 am
ukraine, but also this news that a key source of the bribery allegations against president biden and his son was apparently an fbi informant being fed misinformation by russia intelligence. what's your reaction to that filing from prosecutors >> look, this this impeachment sham is essentially over this this scam shammed republicans have put forth at james comer, the chairman of our committee, has tried to put forward i'm hitting it's been debunked time and time again and this whole new revelation, which honestly is, is quite shocking that essentially russian intelligence agencies have been possibly colluding directly with the informant that james comer has been working with i think is quite scandalous. i think james comer jim jordan the republican leadership know that they have no evidence linking the president to any sort of wrongdoing. and all
11:36 am
these revelations that russian intelligence may be involved, their connections, of course, to what they're doing and what's happening right now in ukraine and in the broader picture of republicans essentially bending the knee to putin and not supporting ukraine in their efforts are protecting their democracy is all very disturbing. they need to end this impeachment sham and need to focus on getting ukraine the support they need >> congressman your colleagues on oversight, put out statement on social media because they want the doj and the fbi to answer some key questions about the informant. here's actually what they posted. they say the agencies have a lot of explaining to do. i'm wondering congressman, if you agree and if you think this was a significant failure by us intelligence well, i agree that there's a lot of unanswered questions, but i mean, the biggest question to those of us on that committee, and i think >> and our chairman, jamie
11:37 am
raskin has said as much as well is why why is james comer working with possibly russian intelligence agencies through this completely debunked theory. why do we keep getting witnesses in front of our oversight committee that end up being chinese spies or discredited people that are out there saying essentially lies that can't provide a shred of evidence against the president. so i get more and more worried every single day about what james comer is. motivations are in leading this whole impeachment discussion. and i'm also concerned why james comer in the past has referred to ukraine as some sort of adversary to the united states. and so this is very concerning. i think we have essentially that this impeachment process that is really has no evidence. they should end this. now, that is our call to them and actually get back to work supporting the american people and get this national security package in front of the house. >> this episode is reminiscent
11:38 am
to me, congressman of the steele dossier, there were many details in that that turned out to be totally false. and in both cases partisan politics wound up being inflamed based on faulty information that was tied to the kremlin. >> how can the >> us limit russia's efforts to spread disinformation and metal in our elections at this point it wasn't just just a few years ago where we all agreed in a by partisan way that >> russia, russian interference, putin, i was a danger to democracy and our elections. but we know that donald trump has changed all that. donald trump's coddling to putin republican party is now there. the way that they have acted in this entire war against ukraine is shameful. we all know that putin is an authoritarian who continues to try to disrupt not just our elections and our democracy, where our democracies across the world. this has got to be
11:39 am
recognized by everyone this country. and certainly those in our government. but unfortunately, house leadership, including our new speaker mike johnson, and certainly the leader of the party, their party, donald trump, continued to support putin, continued to attack ukraine and democracies. and we have to be very clear that leading up to november putin is going to try to continue inter interfere with our elections. and it is likely are we are about to find out, hopefully that he was also involved in this russian intelligence operation directly tied back to this impeachment investigation against president biden. >> congressman robert garcia. we got to stop the conversation there. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> of course. >> still ahead behind the gates of ecuador's prisons. we're going to go inside the cell of one of the country's most notorious escape prisoners, who is living, according to sources as lavishly as a king >> capital ones, the mat can
11:40 am
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to you by sokoloff law >> mesothelial more victims call now $30 billion in trust money has been set aside. you may be entitled to a portion of that money. all we need hundred 8592400. that's when 808592400 ecuador is military is valid to say in control of the country's prisons for as long as necessary, criminal gangs have turned the country's prisons into >> bloody battlefields in recent years where hundreds of people have died last month, the country's most notorious gang, leaner, known as phaedo escaped kicking off a storm of violence in the country. cnn's david culver is on the ground and guayaquil with a look inside ecuador's lawless prisons it does though they're stepping into a war zone, ecuador's military and national >> police, trailing armored vehicle in a rate of one of the country's 35 prisons inside prisoners stripped down, hands
11:45 am
tied, scenes like this have played out across ecuador over the past few weeks. the armed forces making a very public show of force, attempting to reinstate order within their own prisons it's part of ecuador's effort to neutralize terror groups and wheat out gangs, which have unleashed chaos nationwide from a live tv studio, armed takeover to random shootings in the streets this most recent surge in violence sparked by this suspected escape of this man her say either from ics known as veto on january 7, officials reported that while serving a 34 year sentence for murder and drug trafficking, the notorious gang leader vanished from this prison in guayaquil uh, drones view allows us to grasp the scale of this complex. it has sprawling, not really much of a prison uniform. they're all kind of in their own clothes officials, tell us it's made up
11:46 am
of five different prisons through military in prison sources. we get a sense of the layout. >> we learned the >> women are kept here. these buildings house the men and they range from minimum to medium-security. and over here, maximum security, known as lateral ocha or the rock with a military escort, we go past the first of three perimeters. any farther were told too dangerous, even with armed soldiers, were told inmates are separated based on gang affiliation and are essentially self-ruled. >> and you can see >> behind one of these gates, folks kind of moving comfortably in cash really from cell to cell. it's kind of an indoor, outdoor complex cnn obtaining these videos from inside by prison standards, they reveal a life of luxury for fito, drug kingpin. >> the >> images captured last year by members of ecuador's military they appear to show feet or sell messy, but complete with home comforts. >> on >> many fridge, a queen bed,
11:47 am
upscale shower fittings artwork featuring an image of fetal himself with guns and cash and gold. >> he lives like a king. >> you can hear one of the soldiers say in this video, obtained by cnn and verified by ecuador's military outside his own courtyard at a half dozen fighting roosters believed to be his, a military source tells us fetal had a fresh fish imported for his meals, and somehow even managed to shoot a music video from within the prison walls. isa, showing these images, a fetus 42nd birthday in 2022, the prisoners reportedly enjoyed the cake music, and drinks the night capped off with fireworks >> somebody my age. >> he hadn't for power outlets than a marriott hotel room. ecuador's president danielle naboa said late last year. >> so why
11:48 am
>> escape ecuadorian security experts believed that feed to was tipped off, that he was going to be transferred in the same complex back to the rock maximum security pete, you spent a few weeks and the rock last year moving him they're involved in estimated 4,000 police and soldiers. his sudden disappearance suggesting he wasn't ready to leave the comfort of his cell the government's focus now is to reassert control within, but it won't be easy prison rates have turned up everything from laptops to guns. >> present >> naboa, also announcing the construction of new prisons designed by the same company behind el salvador's notorious mega prisons, where thousands of suspected gang members are locked up back outside of the prison in guayaquil. >> you can hear >> church services going on, some sort of religious ceremony loudspeakers soldiers and police stand guard on the perimeter, knowing that it's
11:49 am
often the gangs whose still dictate what happens on the inside. david culver, cnn, guayaquil, ecuador all right, david, thank you. ahead on cnn news central, why a switch to electric vehicles could have huge health benefits for children back room deals cia secrets, affairs, >> corruption, prostitution >> or so much more to the store, united states of scandal with jake tapper sunday night on cnn. >> wow, incredible, amazing my go-to is luma by eye drops, luma phi dramatically reduces redness one minute and look at the difference. my eyes, the brighter and wider dropped to eight hours. luma phi, it's kind of amazing. >> see for yourself. >> okay, everyone. our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition or strike that energy here with 27 vitamins and minerals, nutrients for immune
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the game changer try it today, go chu pretty litter, >> i'm evan perez in washington. >> and this is cnn studies estimate that more than 8.8 million people die prematurely each year because of poor air quality and in kids, the effects can lead to lifelong health problems like asthma, heart issues, even a higher risk for depression. but a new report from the american lung association says that millions
11:54 am
of kids in the us could be saved from these health risks if more drivers, which to electric vehicles within the next decade cnn health reporter meg tirrell is here to explain so meg, how did researchers reach that conclusion >> so the american lung association essentially did a modeling exercise looking at if 100% of new vehicle purchases by 2035 were zero emissions as well as the larger cars. and also 100% switching to a clean non-combustion energy grid by 2035, they found, if those things happened, then you'd see 2.8 million fewer asthma attacks and kids by 2050. and more than 500 cases of infant mortality could be avoided then of course, we've got a long way to go before we get to that point of 100% on those metrics. but they see that there would be big health impacts for children >> you mentioned we have a long way to go omega. where do things stand now? >> so right now we are seeing
11:55 am
the number of new cars that are electric vehicles increasing in the united states. but we're still only at about 16% of both electric vehicles and hybrids comprising all of new car purchases in the us as of 2023. and i'll than 16%, just fewer than half are actually he's a battery electric vehicles themselves, not hybrids. so you can see that's starting to tick up, but we're not anywhere close to 100%, which this this survey looked at would be the goal by 2035. >> thank tirrell. thanks so much for the reporting. plenty more news. to come this afternoon, including failure to launch republicans in congress wrestling with their push to impeach president biden, and whether it is to use because their words about another bill dead on arrival. that's ahead on cnn news central >> to be a headline wars vegas. that's what i want to do.
11:56 am
>> they had the biggest entertainers in america >> vegas is always >> marketed itself on its naughtiness >> and the only way you find out what you can do is if you do it it's unlike anywhere else in the world. >> vegas, the story of sin city sunday ten on cnn >> so would you get to nashville hot tenders and three mandarin orange tenders? >> what about you? three classic tenders for big butterfly shred for of a kind when oh, >> you said always a competition i, am the shrimp bought by, by call nato chest congestion. >> hello, 12 hours of relief >> wow, bowers mucinex, dm gives you 12 hours of relief from chest congestion in any cough day you're not mucinex dm. its combat season. now, try and use the next instance suits or probe indicated drops on the 70 nine-year-old power lifted. i said for state records for new york state for my age
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bring your own team together with custom gear, get started today at custom-make dot com >> lead with jake tapper cnn today it for now on cnn news >> central, their impeachment case against president biden is falling apart as a key informant admits he got his info from russian intelligence officials, but what are republicans saying about it? why they're not backing down? plus legal experts warn this was coming just days after alabama supreme court ruled frozen embryos are equal to children it's getting harder to undergo ivf treatment in that state >> and did they keep their sons grisly crime a secret today for the first time since their daughter was murdered, gabby petito's family is coming face-to-face with her killer's parents we're following these major developing stories and many more all coming in right here to cnn news central


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